Ivar Mendez, PhD, MD FRCSC, FACS DSc (hon), FCAHS

Dr. Ivar Mendez has been working with remote presence robotic technology for more than a decade. Dr. Mendez and his team performed the first long distance telementoring neurosurgery in the world in 2002. His work has focused on the use of his technology to provide health care to rural and remote communities in the Canadian North with emphasis on vulnerable Indigenous populations. He leads the Remote Presence Medicine Program at the University of Saskatchewan. The Program has deployed remote presence robotic technology to 12 remote communities in northern Saskatchewan and is studying its impact on improving health care access. The research team is also pioneering the use of tele-robotic ultrasonography to perform long-distance prenatal ultrasounds and other innovative wearable telemedicine technologies for the provision of primary and specialized healthcare to remove underserviced populations.