Dr. Amir Asif

York University

Vice President of Research and Innovation, York University

Dr. Amir Asif is the Vice President, Research & Innovation at York University. Previously, he served as Dean of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS) and professor at Concordia University. Dr. Asif is the recipient of several prestigious teaching awards and has published extensively in scientific journals and international conferences, with his research focusing on developing next generation technologies for a variety of everyday applications, including health and medical devices. His extensive academic experience and university service have contributed to his reputation for thoughtful decisive leadership aimed at training the next generation of engineering and computer science leaders. To this effect, Dr. Asif notably developed an EDI plan to promote a greater gender balance in engineering during his time at Concordia University. As the principal investigator of the Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data Driven Design (CIV/DDD), he led a multi-million, multi-institutional research project funded by the province of Ontario under the Ontario Research Foundation/ Research Excellence program.