On May 11 meet the researchers at the centre of Canada’s contribution to Global Health Research and Innovation.  Learn about the research and innovations being developed in both communicable and non-communicable disease. Find out how government-supported and public-private partnership research are benefiting Canadians and keeping Canada at the forefront of research.


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Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Frank Plummer, University of Manitoba; Scientific Director, National Microbiology Laboratory, Health Canada.

Read Dr. Plummer’s speaking notes here

1. Maternal, Neonatal and Child Nutritional Health

Dr. Gregor Reid
Human Microbiome, Probiotics and Nutrition

Dr. Diego Bassani, Centre for Global Child Health
Neonatal Survival

2. Community and Institutional Contributions to Maternal and Child Health

Dr. Michaela Hynie, York University
Community-Based Intervention for Maternal Mental Health

Dr. Jenn Brenner, University of Calgary
Strengthening health systems to reduce maternal and child mortality

Dr. Georges Danhoundo
Effects of Malaria on Infant and Child Mortality and factors associated with success of malaria prevention programs

3. Mitigating the Burden of Infectious Disease

Dr. Aslam Anis, UBC
Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) for persons living with HIV/AIDS

Dr. Hemant Shah, UHN
Global Eradication of Hepatitis

4. Building Health Systems to Ensure Global Health

Dr. Judith Bartlett, University of Manitoba
Examining indigenous health work force networks as a key strategy to address health disparities among aboriginal communities

Dr. Richard Lester
Using mobile information technology (cell phones) to improve patient support and health services (mHealth) in resource-limited settings

Dr. Mark Ansermino
Bench to bedside research in anesthesia monitoring and clinician decision support

5. Global Chronic Disease

Dr. Prabhat Jha, St. Michael’s Hospital
Addressing issues of immunization in South Asia and maternal and child health project in Ethiopia

Dr. Karen Yeates, Queen’s University
Use of mobile phones to reduce hypertension in rural Aboriginal communities in Canada and in Tanzania

Dr. Duncan Pederson, Douglas Mental Health University Institute (QC)
Trauma and Global Health: cross-cultural, ethnographic and epidemiological research on violence and mental health outcomes, where the issues of traumatic memory and trauma-related disorders, resilience, healing and coping strategies remain Dr. Pedersen’s most prominent concerns

6. Gender and Health

Dr. Deborah Money, UBC
Advances in Screening and Prevention in Reproductive Cancers (ASPIRE)

Dr. Donna Stewart, UHN
Assessing and measuring gender sensitive indicators in Peru, Colombia and Canada