Research Canada’s Leadership in Advocacy Award honours outstanding advocates for medical, health and scientific research. The Leadership in Advocacy Award is presented to individuals and/or organizations who/which have made outstanding efforts in advocating for Canadian health research at the local, provincial and/or national level.

Please note that the Leadership in Advocacy Award is aimed at recognizing excellence in health research advocacy rather than excellence in health research, for which there are many other prestigious awards.

Research Canada reserves the right not to select an award recipient in a given year or to name more than one award recipient in a given year.

Deadline for submission is June 8, 2017.

View Leadership in Advocacy Award Criteria and Eligibility

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Report on Fundamental Science Presents a Bold Plan to Reinvigorate Canadian Research


OTTAWA, April 11, 2017 – Research Canada applauds the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science on its bold and visionary report, Investing in Canada’s Future: Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research, released today in Ottawa. We were pleased to see that so many of Research Canada’s recommendations in its submission to Canada’s Fundamental Science Review, Securing Canadian Leadership in Research and Innovation, were addressed in the Panel’s Report. Read more…

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